Digital Success Coach - a cost-effective alternative for growth with Zoho

Our Digital Coaching service gives you the vital knowledge and expertise you need to get the most out of Zoho or Odoo. We help you decide which is the right solution for you and then help you implement the software successfully for your organisation with a focus on what matters most, be it sales, operations or finance.

  • Become a more connected and agile organisation
  • Increase productivity across your business
  • Deliver better customer experiences
  • Improve sales, profitability and Communications
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Your Digital Success Coaches

Independent expert advice to help you to make the right business software choices and ensure your Zoho or Odoo installation is a complete success

David Egerton

Sales, Marketing & Operations Success Coach

Are you an ambitious businesses that needs the power of Zoho One to help your business to scale and grow?  With 35 years experience in selling business software, marketing, web development and small business strategy, David is a Sales Consultant that provides you with the help,  guidance and support you need to evaluate, purchase and implement Zoho or Odoo successfully. David is a co-founder of Streamwork Digital and a UK sales consultant for Target Integration

Richard Sadler

Finance, Subscriptions & Order Processing Coach

Richard provides a dedicated one-to-one coaching and advisory service focussed to help your small business get the most from stock, order processing, subscriptions and financial software modules. Richard is a chartered accountant with extensive business skills and owner of a Zoho Books Accountancy and bookkeeping business in Stevenage working with Zoho, Xero, Sage and several related solutions.

Meeta Gargav

Zoho Developer, Trainer and Automation Coach

Meeta Gargav is an experienced CRM and Automation expert with special leadership skills at the C-level.  Her project management and quality control standards are highly coveted by her clients

Meeta has led sales and training teams at blue chip companies such as Glaxo Smith Kline, Bayer and Pfizer. Meeta’s academic credentials include a BSc in Human Physiology and Zoology an MSc in Applied Entomology and an MSc in Computer Science.

Complimentary Business services beyond Zoho

We can put you in touch with several partners that can provide complimentary services. This includes business operations consultants, marketing, social media, copywriters, brand designers and HR advisors.

Professional business coaching

We work with ActionCoach WestHerts (who are a user of Zoho One). As the number one coaching firm in the world, their team of business professionals know exactly what it takes to achieve success. They will give you the clarity to focus on what’s important so your business and personal financials can dramatically improve. You’ll be very clear on your goals, and be driven in the right direction.Investing in a business coach could be the smartest thing you do in your business. You’ll gain access to an immense amount of business knowledge and skills. Flexible programmes are available and by working together we can help you achieve the success and lifestyle you want.  Website: