About Streamwork Digital

We’re driven by a desire to make CRM and ERP Software more accessible and affordable for businesses to implement. We provide independent advice and supply several business software solutions that can help small businesses scale-up by automating office and remote operations, managing your sales and marketing and finances efficiently.

Where it all began…12 years ago

Over 12 years ago, Mat Baxter nervously went for an interview with David Egerton at a small Hertfordshire based web agency.

What started out as a web agency back in 2008 before offering digital marketing services in 2012. Later we added Zoho CRM and Sales IQ skills so that customers could better manage their leads and customers communications.

As we saw the impact and success that Zoho was having, we started to provide more advice to our SME customers around business growth, sales and marketing strategy.

Fast forward to 2018 and Streamwork Digital was born with the passion, desire and drive to help SME's through the tough times we’ve faced over the years, sharing our skills, knowledge and advice to help them choose and implement software that delivers real result and competitive advantage.

Today Streamwork Digital has developed into more than just another Zoho supplier. We have a clear advisory and independent software choice approach that is designed to help those small businesses with to install Zoho or Odoo successfully. Through key partnerships and a large team, we can handle projects up to 250 users too.

Mat continues to head-up web development side working with a few select clients at any one time using the WordPress or Hubspot CMS. For larger Zoho projects and alternative CRM and ERP solutions, David is a UK sales consultant for Target Integration where a much larger skilled team project manage and carry out the installation of Zoho, Odoo, Microsoft Dynamics and Hubspot for small, large and Enterprise businesses.

David Egerton

The business consultancy side

With over 35 years’ experience in software and business development, I’m proud to have helped hundreds of small businesses master their processes and optimise their workflows. What sets me apart is my personal approach, working closely with business owners and their teams to set and achieve goals, identify inefficiencies and use the power of technology to transform their business from within. I’m a pragmatist, always on the look out for a quick win on behalf of my clients, but never at the cost of long term, sustainable success. I work hard to make myself an invaluable asset to any business I work with.

Mat Baxter

The technical side of the partnership

I’ve been in the industry for over 10 years now. By trade I am a developer, but over the years I’ve taken on many roles which has allowed my knowledge to grow, covering all aspects of web and digital marketing. My technical know-how enables me to foresee potential challenges and plan for them a lot earlier in the process providing a much better, more future-proof result for our clients. I take tremendous pride in all my work and I am very particular about the technical details.

Yes, we enjoy a round, or fore!

We’re keen golfers (not good golfers) and when we get the opportunity we can be found on the links. We’re currently members with Redbourn Golf Club based in Hemel Hempstead, so if you ever fancy a round and want to talk shop, we’d love to get to know you and your business around the course.Drop us a line at golf@streamwork.digital with some details. We look forward to embarrassing ourselves out on the course :)

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